Friday, November 16, 2007

Next steps

When you have collected material from a range of sources and used a variety of methods, your next step will be to start to shape it for the exam itself. In the first lesson back, we will help you to see how you might organise your material effectively; in the meantime, if you look at the examples we gave out in the first sesion, you will have a good idea of one way to do it.

overall you will need: an introduction, a paragraph or two on each method, including proper referencing and examples as well as a consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of the method itself. the whole thing needs to be sequenced logically so that there is a sense of your research being a journey.

Q.2 is harder and involves placing your close study within the wider context of the overall topic area, thus considering in what ways what you have looked at typifies the issues around the overall topic. Again it needs planning in order to read as a systematic project rather than a random set of quotes.


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